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Amelia Thompson - 175th Anniversary Reunion

Celebrations to commemorate the arrival of the ďAmelia ThompsonĒ on 3rd September 1841 with 187 Devonshire emigrants was held in New Plymouth, during the New Zealand Labour Weekend of 21st to 23rd October 2016.

Photo of gathering

The Amelia Thompson reunion gathering in New Plymouth 21 - 23  October 2016

The 447 ton vessel sailed from London on 25 March 1841 and arrived after stops at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and Wellington.

Two Oliver brothers, James with his wife Ruth and family, and Samuel were passengers. (Samuel later married Elizabeth Baker, a passenger on the ship 'Blenheim' that arrived on 19 November 1842).

Latest Updates to Oliver Genealogy Pages

Photo Section:

Articles and Documents Section:
  • Addition of two scrapbooks compiled by Graeme Kenyon including the Oliver/Kenyon families

The Tree Additions:

  • Hamblyn family names relating to the descendants of Minnie Oliver, daughter of Francis Oliver b. 1840.
  • Ancestors of Ambrosine Rogers (wife of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850)
  • Desendants of Ambrosine Rogers and husband Frank Richard Oliver
  • Children of Richard Frank Oliver b. 1880, including Evesta Vyionna Oliver, Ruby Gwendoline Oliver and their spouses.
  • Wilson Oliver Evans (grandson of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850) and Wilsonís daughter Glenys Rae Evans
  • For Rose Oliver, daughter of Frank Richard Oliver b. 1850, and her family
  • Marriage details for some descendants of Sam Oliver b. 24/06/56 and Susan Caroline Barrett
  • Ducker names - related to Francis Oliver b. 1840 - through Ada Duckerís son Charles Leslie Rawlinson who married Gwendoline Ruby Waters. Gwendoline Ruby Waters motherís (Jessica Winefred Andrews) brother, John Willie Andrews, married Alice Bertha Oliver, daughter of Francis Oliver b. 1840.
  • Recorded Emmeline Joy (Joy) Muir (nee Billing) recent death and updated descendants
  • Removed some duplicate entries which also lead to the discovery of a branch of the Soffe family with dual links back to James and Ruth:
    • Richard Soffe and Karl Soffe (born in the 1970s) through their father (Gordon Soffe) trace their roots back to William Oliver b. 1831.
    • Richard Soffe and Karl Soffe (born in the 1970s) through their mother (Amber Whitehead) trace their roots back to Charles Oliver b. 1843. And, through Charles Oliverís wife, Martha Allen, can trace their roots back to nobility and to William Crispin I, alias "Guillaume de Colleville", who was a companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Both William Oliver and Charles Oliver are children of James and Ruth Oliver.
  • Addition of Tukapa Seniors 1919 rugby team photo of Arthur Edgar Oliver b. 1895 and his brothers, Harold Walter Oliver and Ron Gordon Oliver Tukapa Seniors 1919 rugby team
  • Corrections and additions to Rodney Arthur Oliverís b. 1933 descendants.

big thank you to those that have contributed with additions over this time.

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Founded in 2005, explores the ancestors of Brian and Carol (nee Jones) Oliver and also features their children and grandchildren.

Content includes the family of Brian's great-great grandparents, James and Ruth Oliver, who emigrated from Devon, England, to New Plymouth, New Zealand on board the barque Amelia Thompson in 1841.

This website is dedicated to our children; Nigel Churton,
Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), Emma Oliver and Marie Oliver;
to all the family members that appear in our genealogy pages!


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