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Engraved Rock Discovery

Recently regular contributor, Greg Oliver, forwarded photos taken by a friend of an engraving in rock on a peak above Mangorei Road, New Plymouth. The engraving reads, “J W Oliver 1880”. The engraving is believed to have been done by James William Oliver born 1870, son of Charles and Martha (nee Allen) Oliver.

The rock engraving reads "J W Oliver 1880"

The Tree

Latest Updates, Corrections, and Additions to The Tree:

On Brian father’s Oliver/Carrel side for:

  • Further information and photos on Lewis Sydney McKoy and wife Ellen Weavers Bowman and children. Lewis is the grandson of Mary Ann Oliver b 1826.

  • Birth, marriage and death additions from the NZ Government Internal Affairs for the following children of Mary Ann Oliver (daughter of James and Ruth Oliver) and Patrick McKoy: James Oliver McKoy, Mary Ann McKoy, Edward McKoy, John McKoy, Alice Matilda McKoy, Annabella McKoy, Annabella Oliver McKoy, Elizabeth Jane McKoy, Ellen McKoy, Francis Oliver McKoy, Patrick Hugh McKoy, Maida McKoy, Jessie Oliver McKoy, and Florence McKoy. Chart also updated. (The next website update will include BDM information for William McKoy, Charles Lawrence McKoy, and Emma Jane McKoy).

  • Further details for Walter Edwin Hughes and children. Walter is the grandson of John Oliver b 1830 and Mary Jane Julian.

  • Addition of children of Mabel Matilda Oliver and George Taylor including Winifred Mabel Taylor and descendants. Mabel is the daughter of Francis Oliver b 1840.

  • Addition of some dates of birth marriage an deaths to children of Zephelenda Edith Carrell and James Charles Richardson

  • Discovery while building the children of “Zephelinda Edith Carrel and James Charles Richardson” that their oldest son, “Charles Douglas Richardson” married “Mary Lillian McGonagle” already entered in The Tree, Mary being the granddaughter of “Mary Ann Oliver” born 1826. Brian of nzolivers is a descendant of the Carrels through his paternal grandmother (Maud Carrel) marrying his paternal grandfather (Louis Oliver). Now, we see another marriage of an Oliver descendant to a Carrel descendant!

  • Another interesting intermarriage between Oliver and Rogers family. Ambrosine Rogers, daughter of John Rogers b.1825, married Frank Richard Oliver, son of Samuel Oliver b. ca 1820 (the Miller). John Rogers younger sister, Victorine Rogers, married Thomas Frederick Goddard b.1825, father of Thomas Frederick Goddard b.1861 who married Ellen Mckoy, daughter of Mary Ann McKoy (nee Oliver), who was the daughter of James Oliver b.1805. James was the brother of Samuel the Miller.

  • And, to top that off, daughter Florence of Victorine Rogers and Thomas Frederick Goddard b.1825, married Patrick Hugh McKoy  brother of Ellen above!

  • An interesting connection between the Oliver and Kendall families. The granddaughter of William Kendall b ca 1835, Doris Tryphena Kendall married Charles Samuel Louis Oliver b 1906. And, the grandson of William Kendall, Sidney Lionel Kendall, married Claire Frances Feltham, granddaughter of Mary Ann Oliver b 1826.

  • New Zealand Electoral Roll extracts for Eileen May Carrel and Peter George Murray Russell

  • Electoral information for Louis Oliver and wife Maud Carrel and their children

  • Cousin Kim Cripps (nee Jamison) has advised of a book written by Shona Riddell of Wellington, called “Trial of Strength: Adventures and Misadventures on the Wild and Remote Subantarctic Islands”. Author Shona Riddell is the x3 great-granddaughter of Isaac Cripps, who settled with wife and family on the subantarctic Auckland Islands in 1849, before settling in New Zealand in 1852. Kim’s husband Douglas is the x2-great grandson of Isaac Cripps.

It is interesting, Kim is connected to the Olivers in two ways:

1. Through her husband Douglas Cripps, son of the late Reta Cripps (nee Oliver). Reta was the granddaughter of Samuel Oliver b 1833.

2. Through her mother’s side, where Kim’s grandmother’s (Gwendoline Cora Mary Florence) sister (Loma Elizabeth Florence) married Ivor James Clark Oliver, grandson of the same Samuel Oliver b 1833!

On Brian Mother’s McCaul, Horneman and Devis line for:

  • Identification of which Ann Devis gifted the Willis/Devis/Gamble/Gibson/Dillon family Bible

  • Further information on David Gibson 1762-1846 and daughter Henrietta and her two marriages.

  • Baptism information for some of the children of Robert Nicholas Dillon

  • Further information on Nicholas Dillon 1827-1855 and children David Henry Dillon and Robert Nicholas Dillon

  • A reunion is being planned for the year 2025 for the Horneman/Knyvett/Saxon families. Please email us (address in the “Contact Us” link on the left) if you are interested and we will forward your email to the organisers. An earlier reunion was held back in 2013.

On my Carol's Side:

A big thank you to those that have contributed with additions since the last update.

On 'The Tree' you may navigate your way up and down through the family relationships as usual. To get more information on a particular person - click on their name when they appear in the middle section of the tree webpage. Here, a new 'Person Sheet' will open often giving sources of information and notes. An example here of a Person Sheet. Information on living people has been filtered out for privacy reasons.

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Website Dedication

This website is dedicated to Brian and Carol Oliver's children: Nigel Churton, Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), Emma Oliver and Marie Oliver; our seven grandchildren, and to all the family members that appear in our genealogy pages!


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