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Ten Years Since Visit to Devon

Gosh, it's been ten years since Brian and Carol, and daughter Marie, visited the old Oliver Boyton Mill and house in Devon. And, to the Barbican Quay in Plymouth - where  Samuel Oliver and brother James Oliver and family - sailed on 25 March 1841 to New Zealand. A wonderful visit!

The Old Barbican Quay in the 1840s

The Barbican ten years ago in 2008

The Barbican is the name given to the western and northern sides of Sutton Harbour, the original harbour of Plymouth in Devon, England.

The Tree

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Latest Updates, Corrections, and Additions to The Tree:
On Brian fatherís Oliver/Carrel side for:

  • Norman John (Jack) Oliver (born 1918) family and descendants, including death of his wife Gladys. Thank you to their daughter Yvonne for her work in collating the information and permission to publish. Jack Oliver was the grandson of Charles Oliver, born in New Plymouth in 1843.

  • Death of Greg Oliverís father, Rodney Arthur Oliver. Rodney Arthur Oliver was the great-grandson of Samuel Oliver (b.1820) who built the first flour mill in New Plymouth. Brian of met Greg at the Amelia Thompson 175th Anniversary Reunion in 2016. We send our condolences to Greg and Jane and family.

  • A son born in 1917 (and died aged 3) to the family of Edith Isabel Oliver (b.1883) and Thomas Augustus. Edith Oliver was a granddaughter of Samuel Oliver (the Miller b.1820).

  • The family of Samuel (the Miller b.1820) and Elizabeth (nee Baker) Oliver  including children and descendants of Emma Grace Oliver (b.1853), James Oliver (b.1853), and Annabella Oliver (b.1863).

  • Iris Rita Morrison and fascinating background story on husband Frank Dent. Iris was the great-granddaughter of Samuel Oliver (the Miller b.1820),

  • Two further sons (Peter and John) for Elfrida Ruth Geddes (b.1939). Elfrida a great-granddaughter of Francis Oliver (b.1840).

  • Lionel George North - correction of date of death. Lionel was a great-grandson of Francis Oliver (b.1840).

  • John Batten (b.1825), son of Thomas Batten. Thomas is the brother of Ruth Grace Batten to married James Oliver (b.1805).

  • Death of Kathleen Olive Alldridge (nee Elmes) b.1928. The Alldridge family married the Ross family. The Rogers family that married into the Oliver family. We send our condolences to the family.

  • Addition of descendants of two Rogerís sisters, Getrude and Freida and their husbands John Harold Alldridge and John William Alldridge respectively. Getrude and Freidaís sister, Ambrosine Rogers, married Frank Richard Oliver b.1850.

  • Year of marriage for William McKoy (b. 1856), addition of his wife, and additional information on their children and descendants.

  • Addition of children and marriages of the children of Stanley Frederick Colliers and wife Edna Myrtle Wilson, Edna being the granddaughter of Frank Richard Oliver b.1850.

  • A son to Elizabeth Annie Carrel (b.1868) and William Richardson

  • A son born in 1913 to Gertrude Eleanor Robertson (b. 1887), father unknown. Gertrude later married Lionel Ernest Carrel ( 1885).

  • Images from Wanganui Collegiate School Past Pupils information for sons/grandson of John Charles Thomas Carrel

  • Ann Jeffery (b ca1760) and William Hutchings (b.ca1775)  family and son Charles Hutchings and his children including Talitha Cumi Hutchings (b.1830 who married John Carroll (b. ca1830).

  • Jessie Henrietta Philpot (b.1891) and Harold Ernest Guise descendants. Jessieís sister Elizabeth, married into the Oliver family as did Jessieís cousin, Maud Carrel.

On Brian Motherís McCaul side and Devis line for:

  • Malcolm McFarlane McCaul (b. 1844), Elizabeth Annie McCaul (nee Cox) b. 1860 and children - Electoral Roll and Wiseís Post Office Directory information

  • Three further children of John Gamble (b. ca 1777) and Elizabeth Devis (b.1777).  Interesting information on John Gamble and his enterprises including paper making machine and first production of tinned fruit in England in another business.

  • Up to six generations of the descendants from John Gamble (b. ca 1777) and Elizabeth Devis (b.1777)

  • Naomi McCaul (nee Hartill b.1918) and her story of her forebears emigrating to New Zealand and published in 1985 in the Karori Historical Society magazine, ďThe StockadeĒ.

  • Baptism dates in Brinkworth, England for the children of Thomas and Dorothy Dodson.

  • Second husband for Hannah Barbara Devis (nee Barlow) and fascinating images from an old family Bible including Willis, Devis, Gamble, Gibson, and Dillon families.

On my Carol's Side:

A big thank you to those that have contributed with additions since the last update.

We maintain the latest version of software (Reunion 12.0 build 180613) used to generate 'The Tree'. Functionality includes a responsive design' for optimising the web pages for whatever device being used, ability to search by name, ability to generate  pedigree charts for easy-to-view relationships.

Website Dedication

This website is dedicated to Brian and Carol Oliver's children: Nigel Churton, Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), Emma Oliver and Marie Oliver; our seven grandchildren, and to all the family members that appear in our genealogy pages!


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