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New Zealand Genealogy

The First Immigrant Ships is an interesting narrative on New Zealand immigrant ships to Port Nicholson in Wellington, the Waitemata in Auckland, and other regions including New Plymouth.

The Amelia Thompson features the passenger lists of 187 Devonshire emigrants who arrived in New Plymouth, New Zealand on the 3rd September 1841.

Boyton - a website about modern day Boyton in Cornwall, England, with a section on its history and old pictures. John Oliver (b. 25 Apr 1774), resided at Boyton Mill from 1827. Boyton Mill is in Devon, just across the Tamar River which separates Cornwall and Devon. John's son Samuel (of Alpha Mill New Plymouth New Zealand), was only 7 years of age when his father took up tenancy of Boyton Mills in Devon, England.

Papers Past is operated by the National Library of New Zealand. The site contains more than one million pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1945 and includes 61 publications from all regions of New Zealand. You may search by exact phrases, any of your words, or all of your words. You can also browse by Newspaper by date, by region, and by by title.

DigitalNZ is a collaborative initiative led by the National Library of New Zealand. They work with a wide range of contributing institutions and organisations such as museums. It features a Search Bar prominently displayed on the home page. A search for James Oliver brings up our James Oliver b.1805 as the number 1 result and featuring a photo of James from the Puke Ariki museum.

New Zealand Yesteryears is a privately funded project with the aim to make it the largest New Zealand passenger list site on the internet. It features passenger lists and shipboard diaries from 1800 to 1900. Also included are photos, maps and documents from the Provinces of New Zealand and also links to other online New Zealand Genealogy Resources.

The Archives New Zealand Library holds New Zealand’s most comprehensive collection of archival and records management texts and serials. It holds the archives of New Zealand government, including many national treasures.

The New Zealand Society of Genealogists assist members with their family history and genealogical research. They have branches throughout New Zealand that meet regularly.

FamNet - The Family History Network recently combined with the New Zealand Genealogy Data Base (NZGDB), and the Australian equivalent, this site features over 14 million people in family trees, many with attached documents and pictures. The site claims to have the largest collection of New Zealand family trees available on the web with an ever increasing number of other databases such as shipping, useful web sites, soldiers, etc. Plus there are articles and newsletters that help with researching your family. You can join/register for free although to get full access a subscription is required - individual subscriptions are $25.00 per year, or $100 for 10 years.

Other Genealogy was launched in 1983, boasts more than 1 million worldwide subscribers, having created over 18 million family trees and added more than 1.8 billion profiles. More than 40 million photos and stories have been uploaded. Some records are free for anyone to access, but the majority are accessible only by paid subscription. was launched in 2006. Membership starts at AU $179.40 per year for the UK Heritage Package, and up to AU $299.88 per year for the WORLD Heritage option. There are pay per view and monthly payment plans.

Familysearch provides access to the vast genealogy records held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the USA. The site provides step-by-step research guidance and searching for your ancestors, view maps, forms, guides, and other research helps, and find other Web sites containing family history information.

Leister Productions is located in Pennsylvania, USA, and is respected internationally as a leading developer and publisher of genealogy software for the Apple Macintosh computer. Their best known genealogy application is called Reunion and has been used to build the descendant charts and "The Tree" pages accessed through this website. is an excellent guide to genealogy. In January 2017 this link was suggested by students of the “After School Care Programs” in the heart of El Paso County, Colorado, where tutors and peer mentors, provide a positive role model to help educate the youth, while simultaneously providing a positive influence. The ‘kids’ enjoyed our genealogy resources in "nzolivers" and have bookmarked them for their  family tree project. is another excellent guide to genealogy. In April 2017 this link was suggested by “The After School Center” in the heart of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, where their group of tutors provide kids and teens the adult mentoring they need to succeed. yet another great site, this one site recommended by Jessica Milly in May 2017. Household Quotes was originally set up for homeowners and tenants to avoid paying too much for jobs in the home. They also feature this Home Genealogy Guide and a good section on how to start your genealogy quest. is a very comprehensive beginners guide to genealogy, written by Mark Orwig, and posted here in June 2017. Mark writes that Genealogy is all about understanding the history of your family, and gives tips to get started, where to find records, DNA testing, and a review of popular genealogy TV shows. is another very impressive guide by Mark Orwig and posted here in July 2017. This one, on how to choose the best DNA testing kit for you. It starts off with a chart showing comparisons between six different DNA test providers available on the market, and continues with excellent explanations on different types of tests and how they work. Towards the end of the article, Mark gives the Pros and Cons of each provider's test.

New Zealand Search Engines

Google Inc. is a multinational public cloud computing, Internet search, and advertising technologies corporation. As of June 2010 it held the dominant market position of 84.80% according to Net Applications, a web analytics company. Initial results include all of the web and this can then be narrowed down to, "Pages from New Zealand", by clicking on a link on the left-hand pane. Access to an excellent search of images is possible on a menu at the top of the page.

Yahoo! is great for searching names of NZ persons, Yahoo! is a web search engine, owned by Yahoo! Inc. and as of June 2010 Yahoo was, the 2nd largest search engine on the web by query volume, at 6.19%, after its competitor Google at 84.80%. A simple page allowing text to be entered. On the results page can refine by selecting NZ only searches. The full web portal version that includes News, sport and weather can be found here.

Bing is a relatively new web search engine from Microsoft that was launched in June 2009 and features the option for NZ only searches. As of June 2010, Bing was the third largest search engine on the web by query volume, at 3.24%, after its competitor Google at 84.80% and Yahoo at 6.19%, according to Net Applications, a web analytics company. Results are displayed in the centre. The left side navigation pane shows related searches and prior searches, while the right side features an extended preview which shows description from the page itself.



Hamology is a website promoting two eBooks written by Brian Oliver: "Hamology - amateur radio... the course", and "Hamology - amateur radio... the answers".

Based on actual classes taught by Brian, the course book was originally published in print. Brian has updated the content throughout, and is available in electronic form. The book covers a wealth of easy-to-follow electrical, electronic, and radio theory, along with hundreds of diagrams.
The second book contains the answers to test questions found in the course book. These two books together, form a powerful learning tool for students, especially those studying for their amateur, or 'ham', radio licence!