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These photos were contributed by Neville Richards. Neville is the great-great-grandson of Samuel Oliver who sailed to New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson in 1841 and established the first flour mill (Alpha Mill) in New Plymouth.

Ascending: Neville Richards > Ernest John Richards > Ernest Richards (b. 1871) > Samuel (Sam) Oliver (b. 1856) > Samuel Oliver (b. ca 1820) and Elizabeth Baker > John Oliver (b. 1774) > John Oliver (b. ca 1737).

Samuel Oliver (b. ca 1820) arrived in New Plymouth on the barque Amelia Thompson in September 1841. Elizabeth Baker was 14 years of age when she sailed on the 2nd July 1842 with her parents, and her sister Eliza, and brothers John and Robert to New Plymouth on the immigrant ship, Blenheim. Elizabeth celebrated her fifteenth birthday a few days later. The family arrived in New Plymouth in November 1842.

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