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New Carroll, Carrell, Carrel Book


From Jersey to Wanganui
By Anthony Carrell

John and Talitha Carroll
From Jersey to Wanganui

ISBN 978-0-473-49603-6

A review by Brian Oliver of
9 October 2019

My paternal grandmother was Maud Carrel. I remember her well, even though I was only six years of age when she died. Maud was the granddaughter of John and Talitha Carroll.

A book titled, ’John and Talitha Carroll - From Jersey to Wanganui’, has recently been written and published (September 2019) by Anthony Carrell. Anthony is also a descendant of John and Talitha.

Anthony has written this in an informative, detailed, and interesting way, describing the life of John and Talitha and their children. John Carroll was born in Tipperary, Ireland in 1830 and his wife Talitha, was born the same year however, in Somerset, England. John moved to to Jersey circa 1850 to work as a labourer on a major project at the time, the St Catherine’s Bay Breakwater. Talitha had moved to Jersey about ten years earlier with her parents. John and Talitha met Jersey and in 1853 they married. Anthony narrates an interesting story of two marriage ceremonies, each representing their different religious faiths, Catholic and Anglican.

Just over twenty years on, and eleven children later, the family moved to New Zealand in 1874. Railway expansion here offered employment opportunities. The twelfth child was born in Wanganui, the year following their arrival. The family had settled in Wanganui, living for a year in the Rutland Stockade - then being used as immigration accommodation.

I was personally fascinated to read about them living there, it providing a connection to my Oliver heritage. Earlier, I mentioned my grandmother was Maud Carrel. She married Louis Oliver, who was a grandson of Thomas Higgie. It was Thomas Higgie who was contracted to build the Barracks for the Stockade during the years 1845 to 1847. It was used by British troops and also as a refuge for settlers should Maori attacks occur. A fascinating link for me.

A treatment behind the different spellings of Carroll, Carrell, and Carrel is covered by Anthony. And, different places where John and Talitha lived are given generous treatment. In fact, the book is full of interesting history, background information, maps and photos. There are about 90 photos and illustrations throughout the 68 pages of the book. These are broken down into 14 chapters plus appendices of family tree, family profiles and photos.

I thoroughly recommend this book for all descendants of John and Talitha and also those with an interest in Jersey and in New Zealand settler history. An easy read, a great work by Anthony - a valuable addition to your genealogy library.

Enquires and copies may be obtained from the author:

Anthony Carrell
730 Highgate, Dunedin, New Zealand 9010
NZ Phone: 03 467 5509
Price: NZ$20.00 each plus NZ$3.90 postage for NZ addresses.

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