The Tree
The Tree
Welcome to 'The Tree' web pages, part of the website.

The Tree has been generated from the latest version of the Reunion software, Version 13.0 build 210324, and recent features introduced have proven very helpful:
  • A 'Responsive Design', optimising the web pages for whatever device (desktop, phone, tablet) you are using.
  • A 'Search' menu item at the top of the page so you can search by name
  • Web addresses (URLs) inside Person Sheets are now active links
If you are using a phone, or tablet, the menu items are now concealed behind a set of three ‘short horizontal bars’ at the top-right of each page. Clicking on that will reveal the menu items.

Please feel free to navigate your way up and down through the family relationships. To get more information on a particular person - click on their name when they appear in the middle section of the webpage. Names above, and below, allow you to navigate through the generations.

The software to generate the pages in ‘The Tree’ offers users to generate their own 'pedigree' charts by clicking on the small blue symbol beside a name. Relationships of anyone inside this 'pedigree' chart can be displayed by clicking on the 'downwards arrow' symbol.

Information has been added to some existing persons in The Tree and over 200 new persons added since the last update in September 2020. This brings the total to over 10,900 family members of Brian and Carol (nee Jones) Oliver now featured in these pages. Thank you to those that have contributed and we trust that ‘The Tree’ helps you in your own family research that ‘connects’.

Privacy measures remain in place - where birth-dates and other information has been filtered out for living people - so as to not display publicly on the web.

We hope you find this information of interest. We welcome any additions you care to provide. Please feel free to get in touch with us through the contact information below.

Brian and Carol Oliver
25 March

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