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The Oliver Brothers


James  Oliver (1805 - 1886)                             Samuel Oliver (circa 1820 - 1873)

The day of this update marks the 179th anniversary of the arrival of the Oliver brothers, James and Samuel, to New Plymouth on the barque 'Amelia Thompson' on the 3rd September 1841.

James arrived with his wife Ruth and six children. Unfortunately one child died on the voyage over.

Samuel was single and met his wife, Elizabeth, in New Plymouth. She sailed on the barque 'Blenheim' with her family the following year and they married two years after that!

We have major updates to the descendants of James' son Francis Oliver and major updates to the descendants of Samuel’s granddaughter Frances Maud Andrews.

The Tree Pages:

Latest Updates, Corrections, and Additions to The Tree:

On Brian's Oliver side for:

  • Addition of details for up to five generations of the descendants of Frances Maud ANDREWS and Ernest Henry GRAY. Frances was the daughter of Matilda (Tilly) OLIVER. Matilda was the daughter of Samuel OLIVER b. circa 1820, who built the first flour mill in New Plymouth. Also, the parents and grandparents of Ernest Henry GRAY have been added. The chart for Matilda OLIVER is also updated.

  • Addition to the descendants of Francis (b.1840) and Elizabeth (nee LANGMAN) OLIVER including the CHATTERTON family from extensive NZ Birth Death & Marriages databases and research by descendant Joshua KEIJSERS. Francis OLIVER was the son of James OLIVER b. 1805. The chart for Francis OLIVER is also updated.

  • Change in identity of brother’s James and Samuel OLIVER's maternal grandfather from John BRAYLEY to James BRAYLEY. This is based upon details for James BRAYLEY’s children and grandchildren mentioned in a Will for “James BRAYLEY”. Further research of baptism and marriage records support this change.

  • Addition of details of the descendants of Ivor James Clark OLIVER b.1907, including details of the SHUTE and FLORANCE families. Ivor OLIVER was the grandson of Samuel OLIVER b.1833. Ivor’s mother was Olive Nesta Eleanor SHUTE. Ivor’s wife was Loma Elizabeth FLORANCE.

  • Addition of the descendants of Joseph (b.1874) and Emily (nee JOHNSON) WOOLFORD. Joseph’s sister, Mary Jane WOOLFORD was the great-grandmother of Brian of nzolivers.

On my Carol's Side:

  • Addition of details of the MONTEZINO and YOUNG families. These are the ancestors of the husband of our daughter Sarah FERGUSON (nee CHURTON).

 big thank you to those that have contributed with additions since the last update. 

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Carroll, Carrell, Carrel Book

A book titled, ’John and Talitha Carroll - From Jersey to Wanganui’, published in 2019 by Anthony Carrell is highly recommended. Anthony has written this in an informative, detailed, and interesting way, describing the life of John and Talitha and their children. They immigrated to Wanganui New Zealand in 1874 from Jersey, Channel Islands. John Carroll was born in Tipperary, Ireland and wife Talitha was born in Somerset, England. They met and married in Jersey. Read a book review here, and find details on how to purchase.

Website Dedication

This website is dedicated to Brian and Carol Oliver's children: Nigel Churton, Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), Emma Oliver and Marie Oliver; our seven grandchildren, and to all the family members that appear in our genealogy pages!


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