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Early New Plymouth

The town of New Plymouth, in the year 1843 from a sketch taken by Mrs Emma Ancilla Wicksteed. Shows Mount Egmont (now known as Mount Taranaki). More information at The National Library of New Zealand.

The town of New Plymouth 1843 -
James and Ruth Oliver, and James' brother Samuel Oliver, emigrated
from Devon, England to New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1841

The Tree

Latest Updates, Corrections, and Additions to The Tree:

On Brian fatherís Oliver/Carrel side for:

  • Information on the COSTER family. John Frederick COSTER married Annie OLIVER. Annie was the daughter of Frank Richard OLIVER b.1850.
  • Information and photo on Bryan Plimmer ANDERSON. Bryan was the husband of Margaret Jill Hamer, Margaret being the great-grandaughter of Frank Richard OLIVER b.1850.
  • The passing of Greg Oliverís mother, June Mollie OLIVER (nee Wrigley), in December last year. Greg was the x2 great-grandson of Samuel Oliver (b.1820) who built the first flour mill in New Plymouth. Brian of met Greg at the Amelia Thompson 175th Anniversary Reunion in 2016. We send our condolences to Greg and Jane and family.
  • The passing of, William Charles (Bill) O'CONNELL in Whanganui in September 2018. Bill was the x2 great-grandson of Mary Ann OLIVER b1826: Mary Ann OLIVER > Emma Jane McKOY > Thomas Leonard BILLING > Ruth BILLING > William Charles (Bill) O'CONNELL. We send our condolences to his wife Jean and family.
  • Addition of photos of Oliver Thomas McKOY and son Ivor Thomas McKOY. Oliver Thomas McKOY was the grandson of Mary Ann OLIVER b1826.
  • New additions on the TUCKETT family. David Aaron TUCKETT b.1939 married Patricia Anne COAD who is the x2 great-granddaughter of Mary Ann OLIVER b1826: Mary Ann OLIVER > Mary Ann (Polly) McKOY > Ella McGONAGLE > Arthur Harold COAD > Patricia Anne COAD
  • Photo of Florence Stella Harker BRIDEN and her parents and siblings. Florence married Francis Henry (Frank) BILLING. Frank was the grandson of Mary Ann OLIVER b1826.
  • Birth, marriage and death (BDM) additions from the NZ Government Internal Affairs for the following children of Mary Ann OLIVER (daughter of James and Ruth Oliver) and Patrick McKOY: William McKOY, Charles Lawrence McKOY, and Emma Jane McKoy. Chart also updated.
  • Additional information for the grandchildren of Muriel Thelma LEO (nee OLIVER) and upon whose original family research this website and Tree is based upon). Also the addition of great-grandchildren to The Tree.
  • Information on the first wife of Harold Douglas Oliver, Alice Josephine Lapham, exact date of birth, her parentís, and her paternal grandparents. Harold was the great grandson of James b.1805 and Ruth Oliver, and was brother to Muriel (nee Oliver) above.
  • New information on the grandparents of William Henson WOOD - Paul INCH and Tabitha EDWARDS including their children. William Henson WOODís parents were Henry Henson WOOD and Phillipa INCH. William Henson WOOD married Matilda Robins OLIVER b.1836.
  • Further information on the family of Gertrude Eleanor ROBERTSONís first relationship, James Campbell LUMSDEN. Gertrude later married Lionel Ernest CARREL, grandson of John CARRELL b1830.
  • Information on the family of Elsie Roma COLLETT. Elsie married Kenneth Norman McGONAGLE in 1935 and traced Elsieís cousin and aunts (born in Leeds, Yorkshire England) that attended their wedding in Gisborne. Kenneth Norman McGONAGLE is the great grandson of Mary Ann OLIVER b1826.

On my Carol's Side:

  • Additional information on the sons and grandchildren of Edward Owen TRAINOR 1840 and Alice Hynes. Newspaper articles on Alice Hynes and her sister, Margaret Hynes.
  • Photos of the sons of Edward Owen TRAINOR 1840 and Alice Hynes: Ted, Joseph, and Jim.
  • Additional photos of Jim TRAINOR 1874 and wife Sophia ROSS and children.
  • The passing of the mother-in-law of daughter Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), in March 2019. Her name was Virginia (Ginny) Ferguson (nee Young). Our condolences to the family. Interesting discovery that Ginnyís maternal grandfather was William Hendry Moody and was connected to Brian's 'Oliver family'. William Hendry Moody's brother was Arthur Ernest Moody who fostered James Campbell Lumsden Robertson (and renamed him Ernest Arthur Moody). James/Ernest was the daughter of Gertrude Eleanor Robertson who went on to marry Lionel Ernest Carrel, Brian of nzolivers paternal grandmothers family. Itís a small world!
A big thank you to those that have contributed with additions since the last update.

On 'The Tree' you may navigate your way up and down through the family relationships as usual. To get more information on a particular person - click on their name when they appear in the middle section of the tree webpage. Here, a new 'Person Sheet' will open often giving sources of information and notes. An example here of a Person Sheet. Information on living people has been filtered out for privacy reasons.

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Website Dedication

This website is dedicated to Brian and Carol Oliver's children: Nigel Churton, Sarah Ferguson (nee Churton), Emma Oliver and Marie Oliver; our seven grandchildren, and to all the family members that appear in our genealogy pages!


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