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Mystery Solved - William Oliver

 James OLIVER  Samuel OLIVER 
James  Oliver (1805 - 1886) Samuel Oliver (1819 - 1873) William Oliver (1810 - 1904)

There has long been a question over what happened to William Oliver (born 1810). William was the brother of our James Oliver (1805-1886) and Samuel Oliver (1819-1873) who emigrated to New Zealand in 1841.

In the Will of their father, John Oliver, we knew One Pound was to go to our James and our Samuel. However, One Pound was also to go to William. With William being treated the same, did he emigrate somewhere?

By contrast, siblings John, Thomas, Mary, and Ann were each to receive Ten Pounds. The youngest brother, Francis, was to inherit Boyton Mill after Johnís wife (Grace) dies.

So, because James, Samuel, and William received a lesser amount, did their father assist with their passage fares?

Interestingly, the father and Uncle of Brian of nzolivers, Maurice Oliver and Bruce Oliver respectively, understood that some of the family went to the United States of America.

The mystery is now solved! Contributors, Katia and Tim Oliver, in September 2022, located a passenger list for the Ship 'Druid' that departed Bristol, England and arrived in the Port of New York on 29 Jun 1840. Subsequent documents found have validated this.

On this ship was William and his wife, Sophia (nee Harris). Accompanying them were Sophia's parents and her siblings. They settled in Ohio, USA. William and Sophia did not have any children but Sophia's great-niece and nephew did live them in the 1870s and 1880s, to help in the household and on the farm, after William went into the grocery business.

A biography found online reads (may take time to load):

OLIVER, WILLIAM, Gambier, a native of England, was born the third day of August, 1810. At the age of fourteen years he engaged in the mercantile business as clerk, remained two years. In 1826 he commenced working in a flouring mill with his father.
In 1837 he was united in marriage with Miss Sophia Harris, of England, born February 11, 1811.
He continued in the mill with his father until 1840. They migrated to America and located in Gambier, this county. In the spring of 1841 he took charge of the Gambier mills, which he operated successfully until the fall of 1846, when he moved on the farm in Monroe township, this county, which he purchased in 1843. He then turned his attention to farming and butchering, remaining on the farm until 1861, when they moved to Gambier, where they are now living.
He continued the butchering business until 1866. In 1865 he engaged in the grocery trade, and carried on the two branches of business in connection with overseeing his farm, until 1866 and then he gave his attention wholly to butchering, his grocery trade and farming, and continued to do so to the present time.

Another Find - Mary Oliver

Interestingly, William was not the only one to emigrate to the USA. His sister Mary Oliver (born circa 1811) and her husband, Henry Goodman, went to Ohio also!

Contributors, Katia and Tim Oliver in December 2022 noticed that William in his Will looked after the daughters of his two sisters. The daughters of Ann Walters (nee Oliver) were "in England". However, no mention of this for the child of Mary Goodman (nee Oliver). Further research established that Mary and her husband, Henry Goodman, and son John, emigrated circa 1845. Mary and Henry had four further children born there.

So, the hunt is on for descendants - for whom us New Zealand Olivers will be related!

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