The Tree - Person Sheet
The Tree - Person Sheet
NameSarah (Sally) Draper
Birthca 1798, Devon, England
Death27 Jun 1841, Derril, Pyworthy, Devon, England
Burial27 Jun 1841, Derril, Pyworthy, Devon, England
Misc. Notes
Name, approximate year of birth of 1798, place of birth, year of death of 1841, date of marriage, from Peter (Pete) G M Dale of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Added here in February 2014. Pete is related to the Olivers in Devon.

Sarah here is Pete's great great great grandmother. Sarah’s husband, John Batten, was the sister of Ruth Batten who married James Oliver b.1805. Ruth and James emigrated to New Zealand in 1841.

Pete writes, “Family lore states that Sarah Draper (or her family) was from Denmark. She had long dark hair which she could sit on. She also had 3 brothers who were tall in stature and sailors”.

However, advice from a Genealogy specialist wrote to Pete advising, “Perhaps I could comment on Sarah Draper’s possible ancestry. I think it is quite unlikely that Sarah Draper would have come to England from Denmark, other than possibly as a very young child, because of the military situation in Europe at that time. Britain was at war with France almost continuously from 1793 to 1815 (the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars) at the beginning of which Denmark declared itself neutral, but traded with both sides. Britain regarded this as being in the French interest and attacked the Danish fleet at the First Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 (where Nelson is supposed to have put his telescope to his blind eye and said “I see no ships”). This was followed by the Second Battle of Copenhagen in 1807 and the so-called gunboat war of 1807-1814. I think any connection with Denmark, if it did exist, would have been in an earlier generation, but it is very unlikely that any documents will survive that would confirm this".

Preferred name of “Sally”, date and place of death, from Pete Dale’s updated family tree as at 2 March 2020.

Pete writes, “A Sarah Batten, perhaps our Sarah Draper, witnessed the marriage of her sister-in-law Ruth Batten and James Oliver on August 28, 1826 in Stoke Damerel, Devon”. Quoted here on 2 March 2020.

In Pete Dale’s year 2014 original information it had Sarah’s parents of “George Draper” and “Miriam”. These had been removed by March 2020 and replaced with a no-name father born 1765 and no-name mother born 1770.
Birth27 Jan 1793, Pancrasweek, Devon, England
Death27 Aug 1876, West Monkton, Logan Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada
Baptism27 Jan 1793, Pancrasweek, Devon, England
ReligionChurch of England
FatherJohn Batten (1768-1839)
MotherJane Moore (1763-1855)
Marriage27 Jun 1815, Pyworthy, Devon, England
ChildrenJohn (ca1815-1818)
 William ? (ca1816-1833)
 Jane (ca1820-1828)
 Maria (ca1823-)
 Mary Ann (1825-1833)
 Jane Draper (ca1828-)
 John (1833-1906)
 Mary Anne (1835-1838)
 Mary Ann (1839-1912)
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